DAY 72 – Mile 1200 – Truckee

Day 72, Mile 1,200, almost 1/2 way. I keep waiting for the less interesting or less beautiful section of this trail but it just keeps getting better. The last part from Tahoe to Sierra City is less steep and more forested, the wild flowers are at their prime and the forest fragrance reminds me of my days in Yosemite. All is working well and I’m feeling great if not a little hot. 105 in Belden for the next few days. I’m planning to night hike some of this section to beat the heat. A great surprise was my friends Jill and Mark McIntire driving into the trailhead at Truckee just when I arrived.

2 thoughts on “DAY 72 – Mile 1200 – Truckee”

  1. Good job! Plus, you’re also managing to keep Posting! Western States 100 just went thru your neck of the woods.

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