15 thoughts on “DAY 77 – Mile 1325 — Halfway Point!”

  1. Congratulations! They say it is all down hill after the half way point. Ha! I am looking forward to joining you next week.

  2. You know the joke about the guy who swam half way across the lake and turned around because he didn’t think he could make it? That’s not you.

  3. holy sh!@#$%%#@T !!! did that go by as fast for you as it did for me – wow , i blinked & you are 1/2 way – it’s your moment dude – between real & reality … 2nd half will be walk in the park – kill it & grill it


  4. You must be elated to say the least, and somewhat relieved… great accomplishment Dean! And “how sweet it is”, keep on truck’n… What shoes are you in now?

  5. You seem to be doing great! I can almost smell the pines and see the wild flowers. May good fortune be your traveling companion!

  6. You are a glass-half-full guy, so your trip is half finished, not half started. Also it’s downhill the rest of the way. Keep it up!

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