DAY 146 – Mile 2550 – Washington

As I sat in the parking lot with my friends Hump It and CC, waiting for our ride from the trail Angel/Triple Crowner, Beacon, confirmation came in that, in fact the fire closure had been lifted. The near continuous rain which had been falling since the moment we set foot in Washington, had done its job, helping out with the firefighting efforts to gain control of the numerous wildfires in this area. There was general rejoicing by everyone on the PCT because this meant that, for the first time in a long time, continuous steps were possible all the way to the border of Canada. Everyone seemed happy and ready to go except for my poor, extremely inflamed Achilles, which I’m not sure will even allow me to complete the final hundred miles that I have left to the border.

So here we sit on the ferry that will take us the length of Lake Chelan up to the small village of Stehekin , and the final push to the border of Canada.

I’m not particularly troubled that we are going around what was previously the closed area because I know I will come back and hike the Washington section. I want to do this mostly because it seems intensely beautiful and i really haven’t seen any of it. As I said above Washington has been rainy and completely hidden in a vale of mist since we set foot across the Oregon border. I have seldom been able to see more than 100 yards in any direction virtually all the time. Mount Rainier, the most prominent feature long this section has only shown scant glimpse of her majestic flanks the entire time.
There has been a continuous drip, drip, drip of condensed mist off the trees above and a constant shower of water off the vegetation that lines the trail keeping your feet and steady state of wet. I have been walking in either rain, sleet or snow and always camping with damp tents and sleeping bags.

The weather is predicted to improve over the next week and hopefully this final hundred miles will be a perfect finish to an amazing journey.

One more week to go and hopefully my next communication will be from Canada.


oh dear, fall is here


I have become one with nature


very cold in tennis shoes


which way do we go?


This is NOT what i signed up for!




13 thoughts on “DAY 146 – Mile 2550 – Washington”

  1. Sorry to hear about your Achilles tendon. But good to hear you are so close to the finish. And glad the fires are less of an issue these days. woo hoo!

  2. Keep you spirits up Dean. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Looking forward to reading your triumphant arrival in Canada and reunion with your family in ID.

    1. Wow, Deano. Those final days sound pretty much like “H” ! The end of an amazing adventure looms near. I suspect you’ll be very relieved when its finished, yet I suspect that you’ll miss the trail on some level. Capt. Merriweather may be nodding in agreement.

  3. Your photo brings back fond memories of not seeing that area as well. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment regardless of what your achilles tendon allows. Thank you allowing me to live vicariously through your pictures and posts. What an incredible journey and a lifelong accomplishment. Looking forward to raising a beer with you when you’re back in the hood. Cheers!

  4. You’re doing great! If you pull off PCT, because of Achilles, and regroup later, I’ll come do Washington trail with you. It’s most beautiful, as you’ve said from Post.
    You’re nearby “Glacier Peak” now! My favorite of the Cascades, so look up! I might be flying over you…
    When you’re this way, we’ll get in touch.
    Fly together soon!

  5. Dean I sure wish you a safe travel your last 100 look forward to your completion. So proud of you, you are my inspiration when I’m out hiking while hunting. Take care

    1. Brian
      I am so happy to be done, what an experience! I will look forward to getting together with you and Mark and family to share a beer and a few good stories. I can’t wait to hear about burning man.

  6. Dean, you are amazing. I am proud to claim you as my nephew. The best to you as you complete this great adventure. And if you need those fore-arm crutches you are sure to make front-page news. “Treker completes PCT hike on crutches”!! LOL Press on.

    1. No need for crutches, Robin sent out some different shoes and I was able to power through the last few hundred miles to the end.
      Thanks for all of your prayers and support along the way, you really helped to carry the load. Happy trails.

      Dean “Ladies Man”

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