DAY 120 – Mile 1959 – Elk Lake, Oregon

Mile 1959, I have now surpassed the year of my birth in miles. I’m currently fueling up at Elk Lake Resort near Sisters, Oregon, ready to head into the Sisters Wilderness. The weather continues to be quite nice, if not a little hot. The terrain has really flattened out, not so much up-and-down with a very accommodating trail tread. The only downside is Oregon has really become the green tunnel, hiking through tall dense forests that prevent the big vistas that we enjoyed in the Sierras. I’m looking forward to a night of pampering at timberline Lodge on the 18th and then on to cascade locks by the 22nd.

A large closure, because of the fire in northern Washington, is forcing everyone to take a large detour from Stevens pass all the way up to rainy pass, over 120 miles. I hope they have resolve this by the time I get that far north.


10 thoughts on “DAY 120 – Mile 1959 – Elk Lake, Oregon”

  1. wow! Beautiful pictures! I think the green tunnel looks cozy but I imagine that if you want to see the big vistas, it’s a bit closed in! That’s what happens when you are used to big sky! I’m in Athens, Georgia right now and down here, there is never a big sky……lots of beautiful trees! I hope you don’t have to take the detour, I’ll be praying for some rainy days for Washington State. xoxo

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for your continued updates. I hope the closures clear before you reach them. I know your are determined not to miss that much of the trail if possible.

  3. I guess you have to slip into a different mindset to groove on the forest tunnel. Plenty of water though I imagine!

  4. Wow Dean, those pics are amazing! What a beautiful part of the trail! I would think all that greenery would be a welcome sight after the dry desert trail. Rock on!!!

  5. Good on you, Dean. I got to paddle near migrating gray whales the other day at San Simeon. It was amazing. But I get to come home and snuggle up with Patti when I go to bed. I can’t imagine walking all day and sleeping alone to walk all day the next day. You are amazing! Smell the roses along the way, Brother.


  6. Wow, great pictures. I agree with Patty that the forests of Oregon look cozy! 🙂 From hot dry desert, to big sky mountains, to wet, moist forests. You will have it all! Look for banana slugs 😉

  7. I’m proud of you and your accomplishments on the trail! I love the ” Sister’s area” where you are now. So rugged and almost primordial as you walk through the lava fields. I got to explored it when I picked up the Lancair in Redmond a few years back.
    I’ll fly your way for a visit when you’ve finished and rested and
    we’ll meet up!

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