DAY 150 — Mile 2662 — THE FINISH!!

Back in the rush of life here in Idaho, trying to steal a few minutes  to reflect on the world that has made up my last 5 months.  I was such a different person pushing off from Campo Ca, at the Mexican border.

Little did I know what lay ahead
Little did I know what lay ahead

I have changed physically, (lost 30 lbs) mentally and emotionally.  I have a far more deep and abiding appreciation for food, friends, family and the natural world.  I feel any expectations I may have had for this experience were either met or exceeded.

The final day, pushing through the steep terrain, which is all of Northern Washington, I hiked 32 to miles to reach Manning Park BC and the end.  One may ask if there is some overwhelming epiphany I carried off the trail and into my life; I’ll get back to you on that.   I can tell you that for me, the true value is not what found on the trail but rather what I left.  More about that later although I think most of you already know.  Thanks to all of you for your awesome support and comments along the way, in no small way it helped to lighten the load in the most difficult of times,

Finished at last.
There at last.

Signing off “The Ladies Man”!


18 thoughts on “DAY 150 — Mile 2662 — THE FINISH!!”

  1. Somehow I did not get your posts when you arrived in WA. Happy to hear from you now! I so enjoyed following your trials,tribulation and pure joy of your trek and also look forward to reading your thoughts after you have longer to reflect. Thanks for taking me along while I slept in my soft bed!

  2. Hi Dean….we can’t wait to connect with you again and hear more about your amazing journey. I’m sure you will teach all of us something from the wisdom you gained while on the trail. xoxo Patty

  3. Congratulations Dean!!
    We were the ones that were uplifted and inspired by your frequent posts. Thanks for sharing!
    Kris (your Pampas River compadre)

  4. Ciao for now …Looking forward to the epilogue. Would like to know which pieces of gear/clothing worked the best/worst for you.

  5. You’re amazing, Dean. I’m glad you achieved your goal and became enlightened along the way. What kind of tree was it that you sat under when you suddenly became aware of your surrounding and it all began to make sense? I want one of those. We’re proud of you, Dean!

  6. Dean,

    Congratulations on a magnificent accomplishment!
    I look forward to meeting you.

    Garry – Your mom’s Canadian cousin! Still climbing peaks at 84!

  7. Great job Dean! And of course Robin, who held the fort down and sent your packages! Loved reading about your trip along the way. Thanks so much for sharing. What a journey skinny-minny 😉

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