DAY 65 – Mile 1094 – Echo Lake

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there and happy Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The last section of trail from Toulome Meadows to Echo lake has been unquestionably one of the most beautiful sections of trail. Fields of wildflowers carpet the hillside and small streams and waterfalls are everywhere. The trail is lined with giant junipers and Red fur reaching into the clear blue sky. After a few days of rest and recuperation with my friends and Robin at Lake Tahoe I’m ready to head on to Northern California, looking north to the Oregon border. In about 200 miles I will of reached the halfway point, a

Mile 1,000


Camp at 10,000 ft with Tom.


Snow plants


early morning light


 significant milestone in the journey.

11 thoughts on “DAY 65 – Mile 1094 – Echo Lake”

  1. Looks beautiful! You are looking thin!
    I’m sure it was great to be with Robin and friends! You are amazing!

  2. Way to go Dean! Just found out about your adventure. Will be following along. Wishes for safe travels from the Scout troop in Boulder.

  3. Its been years and years since I last saw T-Meadows, I’ve forgotten what a beautiful area place that is. Dean’s trip is inspiring to me in yet another way. Go Deano !

  4. Your pace and mileage are impressive. I hope you stay in the groove. Know how much I wish I could trade places with you (or ride in your pack) for just one day. It all looks incredibly gorgeous! Keep it up.

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