DAY 114 – Mile 1835 — Crater Lake

It’s great to be back on trail. Just finished the section from Ashland to Crater Lake, passing the 1800 mile mark in the process. The weather has been great, although very smoky from the various fires burning in the west. For the past several days, I have been hiking with a mask on, trying to save my lunges and throat. Yesterday, I felt I was finally back in the rhythm and did 38 miles into the Park. With just over 800 miles left to go I feel I can persevere to the end.

Crater Lake finally!

6 thoughts on “DAY 114 – Mile 1835 — Crater Lake”

  1. 38 miles into the lake?!?! Holy smokes that is a big day! Awesome photo with the ski poles! You’re so skinny that I didn’t recognize you. 😉 “only” 800 miles to go! Looking good!

  2. CRATER LAKE !!! motivation enuff to do the whole 2600miles – waaayyy cool DEAN – liven’ thru you right this moment !

  3. Great work Dean that area is one of my favorites and they rebuilt the lodge at the lake which has a nice porch now overlooking wizard island etc
    Thanks for the good updates seems like you’re handling this adventure with typical Paschall aplomb good luck in the home stretch

  4. That is one impressive day Dean!! I am envious of your trekking in the North West, my favorite part of the country. Closing in on your goal, I am sure you are elated. Keep on truck’n and enjoy the gift.

  5. So glad you are back on track….the picture of Crater Lake is beautiful and I bet it was wonderful to see it!

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