DAY 22 – Wrightwood – Mile 370

I am pinned down in the town of Wrightwood by a freak summer snow storm. It has snowed 5″ today with more on the way tonight and tomorrow. I pushed hard to get to town to pick up my resupply box, only to have the weather fall apart and force me to take a few zero days. Some folks got tired of waiting in town and hiked out, only to return a few hours later feeling lucky to be back. The top of Mt. Baden Powell had wind gusts of 74 mph, 28 degrees and 8″ of snow and rime ice coating everything; Welcome to May in sunny Southern California. Everybody is geared up for the heat and the desert, not for winter weather.  Tomorrow is more of the same so it will be a Saturday departure.     

killing time waiting out the weather

5 thoughts on “DAY 22 – Wrightwood – Mile 370”

  1. What a shame! Just when you had really hit your stride. Glad you are where you are for waiting it out. Must be getting some good food and rest!

  2. Hi Dean –

    Take a good rest and don’t worry about schedule. You’ll be back on the trail in the sunshine gobbling up the miles before you know it.

    We are in our fifth day of steady rain in Boulder. Not sure why we don’t have some flooding by now.

    All the best

  3. Bummer! We were thinking about you since we have had rain in the Central Valley. Just chill a bit. You’ll be back out on the trail soon. Wishing you the best.

  4. Enjoy the rest Dean! Time to take care of that toe… May be getting snow here on Sunday. Looks like you have some good company as well 🙂

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