DAY 26 – near Acton – Mile 444

Mile 444 on day 26, it’s great to be back on the trail. After a few stormy days, held up in Wrightwood, I hit the trail again and climbed up over mount Baden Powell in a foot of new snow.  Three days of 20+ miles have made up for some of the lost time waiting for the weather to break. Who would have expected several inches of snow in May in the SoCal desert!  All is good, my gear is working well and the body is generally fine although my feet are still pretty sore (I promise no more gross photos). My days are pretty much spent in solitude, although there are plenty of people on the trail, hiking today I didn’t see a single other person. Plenty of time to ponder. By the way, thanks for all of your great comments and words of encouragement    I do read them all and respond when I have a connection. 


mile 400.5
some thru hikers from Germanr.
a chilly start for a hike in running shoes.

10 thoughts on “DAY 26 – near Acton – Mile 444”

  1. Beautiful flowers and photos Dean! Glad to hear the gear and you are holding up. So many stories in just three weeks, how fun and exciting…keep on truck’n and take care of those feet.

  2. We are keeping track of you. How do you find the trail in that much snow???.. Sounds harder than Kili.

  3. Nice shots, thanks for posting. So Cal can produce dramatic changes thanks to that topography.
    Boulder OSMP made a decision on their new director – the woman who has been the interim director nabbed the position.

  4. You go Dean! must be wild out there with nobody around. I just came back from China, from Shenzhen where needless to say… there’s lots o people! Thought about you and how cool to be out there. Keep on walkin! … singing those tunes!!

  5. Jeremiah Paschall !!! yep , u & a quiet trail – love it … been enjoying edit sessions with Landon – great having that teenage perspective around – too bad you can’t just beam him up for an afternoon … super-fun kid Dean …

  6. Hey, good going! If you haven’t “paid your dues” yet, you will with the aquaduct (boring) and the wind farms (noisy). Keep going! Barb

  7. Glad you’re back on the trail. You are making pretty good time. How do you find the trail in the snow? Is it well marked. Take care. We love your posts.

  8. Rock on Deano! We’re following your progress on FB. Congrats on coming up on 500 miles! Awesome!

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