DAY 19 – Deep Creek – Mile 310

Yesterday was an awesome day, I crossed the 300 mile mark and put in a 30 mile day. That felt great and this morning when I woke up I was surprisingly not sore. The 30 I was inspired by my friend, Joe Zamodio who told me about a hot springs that the trail crosses. From my location I could’ve done a 20 mile day and then a 10 mile day to get to the Hot Springs but that seems too short and awkward so I decided to go the distance. The Hot Springs was way worth the walk, a perfect natural pool just deep and 103°. Today I’m doing an easy 20 which seems like a cruise after yesterday. 


12 thoughts on “DAY 19 – Deep Creek – Mile 310”

  1. So cool you were able to stop at the springs (no pun intended)!!

    30 miles, hurts just hearing it…

  2. Way back when I remember Bob Wills – of Wills Wing – riding a motorcycle naked along the trail at the hot springs.

  3. WOW! A 30 mile day. That is awesome. Looks like you are enjoying the trip. Hope you had a relaxing time in the Hot Springs. That would be good for the body. Keep on going. Good luck.

  4. Wow Dean! 30 miles? I bet that hot spring felt great, especially after that long haul! You are rocking it man!! Keep on keeping on!!!

  5. Congrats on the 300 mile mark! I bet the hot springs felt fantastic and washed all the dust off! Keep on trekkin’. ❌⭕️

  6. Your flower pic is much prettier than the one of your toe!
    30 miles! Amazing! Keep on ‘Ladies Man’!

  7. I am loving the updates, and impressed, proud and not too surprised that you are doing so well.

    The ONLY thing, however that is making me jealous, is the idea of sitting in a hot spring. Hopefully we can do that again someday. Especially if it is one that is walking distance from a parking lot!

    Meantime, keep on keepin´on!!!


  8. that toe looks like you stepped a bit to close to the fire Dean or rather IN the fire to rescue a poorly speared marshmallow .. oh well … you still have 9 others …. toes – not sure about the toasted treats …

    kill it & grill it !!!

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