DAY 16 – Big Bear Lake – Mile 275

I  am taking what is called a Nero, which is like a zero day meaning 0 miles but you just do a few miles. I did a short hike, 8 miles into big bear and checked into the hostel to regroup and pay attention to my rather sore feet.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been out of range of any phone signal for quite a while. For the last several days I have put down 20, 20, and 22 miles. It feels good to finally be ramping up the miles although my feet have really paid for it.

My last post was from home a trail angel site called Ziggy and the bear. When I was getting ready to leave it was 97° in the shade by 9:00 am so I delayed my departure hoping it would cool down.

Finally at 2, I decided to leave with my sometimes hiking partner, “Misery.” As we crossed the blazing hot desert a 4 Wheeler came screaming across sage yelling at us. I couldn’t quite understand what he wanted so we stopped and when he approached us he asked “are you thirsty”? In the back of his four wheeler he had three ice chest full of cold beer and soda. This is what is referred to as trail magic.

For the next two days was an endless climb in the oppressive heat, going from 1400 feet to almost 9000. Super long, super hot days, but beautiful nonetheless. I feel like I’m hitting my rhythm and believe that I am capable of going the distance.

Although I’ve had very little issue with the rattlesnakes, a family with a 9 year old girl and 13 year old boy said they saw eight rattlesnakes yesterday. And yes they are going the distance. Although the terrain is difficult and the temperature hot this is still one of my all-time top experiences.

One more thing I want to say is the real hero is Robin who has been amazing, moving our family to Idaho, keeping her business running and supporting my efforts.  thank you so much, I love you.  More to come later.

hiking family


hot and dry


9 thoughts on “DAY 16 – Big Bear Lake – Mile 275”

  1. Nice pics LM. Glad you’re doing well. Maybe your feet will improve in cooler weather? Nice to see your campaign layout.

  2. You’re coming up to Crestline where my great Aunt’s cabin was. And north of that, south of Hesperia are some great hot springs – Deep Creek. I wonder if trial goes near there.

  3. Watching your progress with interest. Glad you have settled into a routine. Enjoy.


  4. Great pictures. Very impressed with your progress. When you told me last year you were going to do this hike solo I was a bit concerned but I see you actually run into others on the trail. This is good. My dad told me that every time you come to a stream or lake take time to soak your feet. But it looks like you really haven’t found those sources of water yet. Things will improve the farther north you get. Keep puttin’ one foot in front of the other. And yes, you do have an awesome sweetheart taking care of all the things on the home front. A great gal.

  5. I’m curious why your feet are hurting? Preventing that was so high in all of your planning, even breaking-in top-rated hiking shoes beforehand, so I’m curious if it’s from a shoe performance problem or the relentless wear and tear of so many footsteps? How are your knees? Just curious.

    I’m thrilled about your progress and attitude. I’m following your blog with great interest. Here’s hoping your feet find their grove soon.

  6. Great to see your camping layout and photos. Deep Creek sounds, and looks wonderful, hope you get a chance to enjoy it!! Did you say the family of 4 is hiking the entire PCT? Sorry to hear about your feet, I was very curious about your Hoka hikers, I need a new pair of trail hikers/runners. Excellent shout out to Robin, she most definitely deserves it!! Keep on truck’n Dean…

  7. Dean, may the trail magic continue. Take care of those pooches. Great pic’s. Press on brother! Pierre

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