DAY 11 – Ziggy and the Bear – Mile 210

Mile 210 on day 11 pushes my average to 19 miles per day, a little better than I was expecting but still feeling good. Yesterday hiking out of Idyllwild, we had snow very early in the day and hiked up through snow above 9000 feet.

Today we hiked all the way down to 1400 feet and we are now definitely in the desert. No shade little water and over 90°.

It’s a strange paradox given that I lost hiker died yesterday on the mountain, they’re searching for the body now.

I’m starting to settle into the rhythm and getting my camping system worked out. If I can just get through the heat of the desert, I feel like the rest will just be a mental exercise of perseverance, I feel like physically I can do it.


8 thoughts on “DAY 11 – Ziggy and the Bear – Mile 210”

  1. Very sad to hear about the lost hiker. Are you using your GPS often? Do you still have hiking buddies? Would love to hear more about your camping system. Sounding strong Dean, keep on keep’n on…

  2. Good job Deanoooo! hanging tough. Lost climber, be careful!
    So, you get songs stuck in your head? I bet. Probably not much battery for tunes… Do you have tunes? Great photos, keep em coming and keep on truckin! tom

  3. Looking good Dean. Making great progress. You are strong. Just keep focused. You can do this. Keep on keeping on!

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