DAY 54 – Mile 914 – John Muir Trail

I’m taking a couple of much needed zero days after a rather challenging hike through the John Muir Trail. Upon leaving lone Pine, we had serious questions about the conditions in the high Sierra so I picked up a pair of crampons and hoped for the best. When I got to the west side of Whitney I decided to take the 14 mile diversion up a very snow-covered route to the top of Whitney. The remainder of the hike on the JMT was the prettiest, if not the most challenging section so far. Each day we faced a 12,000 or 13,000 foot snow covered pass to get over. This is the highest part of the entire PCT. I ended up using The crampons in the more exposed sections and was frequently post holeing through mid thigh snow. In the next few days I will be traveling through very familiar country, walking back into my beloved Yosemite, it feels like coming home.  

Muir hut at Muir pass.
looking a little rough.
shooting stars
i needed better gear.
800 miles or 2,000,000 steps
my mentor and inspiration.

7 thoughts on “DAY 54 – Mile 914 – John Muir Trail”

  1. Brings back a few memories … the JMT is the best long trail in the world … but not that long compared with the PCT! Good job!!!

  2. Wow, Dean! You are doing such amazing things on this journey. Way to go. Keep putting one foot in front of the other!

  3. Way to go Dean!! Love the shooting stars. I have never been on the JMT, so thanks for the photos. Who are you hiking with? Did you get a hair cut, or are you just looking younger 🙂

  4. Hey Dean —

    Congratulations on bagging Whitney as extra credit. That’s great style! I’m glad the JMT is so gorgeous. There’s a bit more snow at Muir Hut than in midsummer. Just keep on rolling! Be safe.

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