DAY 44 – Zero Day at Lone Pine

What do PCT Thru Hikers do on their day off? Go for a hike:
Hiking to Lone Pine Lake near the Whitney Portal
Hiking to Lone Pine Lake near the Whitney Portal


And then rest the feet:
Proof that Dean’s feet are not the worst ones on the PCT! Dean’s are on the right with the red toenail polish.
Shopping for a 7-day carry:




Visit the Lone Pine Film History Museum:


And they are off again:
D’Lux, Puzzler, and Ladies Man

10 thoughts on “DAY 44 – Zero Day at Lone Pine”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us! Ours is the easy way to do the PCT! Thrilled you are doing so well!

  2. You look great. You progress is amazing. Enjoy what looks like sunny weather but cooler the the desert stretch you have now finished. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  3. Can’t believe you! Hahaha. What do you do in your off time – take a hike! Very impressed with your adventures. You definately won’t let a little snow get in your way. Keep on truckin’ Ladies Man.

  4. Cottonwood Pass looks very inviting, made me think of Cottonwood Pass outside of Buena Vista, CO. Looks like you are living your dream, keep enjoying and truck’n on.

    Nice feet shot!

  5. As Patti asks every morning as I put on a damp wet suit and jump into the cold ocean, “And when would the fun start?”

    You’re looking great, Dean. A favorite picture I have of my dad and I is taken at Lone Pine. We rode pack animals that carried steaks, wine, and other luxury food items. Sound familiar?

  6. Ladiesman I miss your face! Can’t believe how far in front you are! Keep on truckin, you’re a machine! SOBO.

  7. Those miles are piling up, amigo, good for you. I sent a message recently telling you I am just out of the Grand Canyon and catching up with your hike. Seems like you are almost ready for summer-style weather in the Sierra and longer daylight. Do you have any way to keep track of your weight? Lean and Mean. As SOBO says you are a walkin’ machine. Hugs. Rod

  8. Tom Carter’s dad just passed away and I called Tom. I told him you were on the trail and he said you will pass within a few miles of him. He wanted you to contact him so he can meet you when you’re in his neck of the woods. He sounds great. Tom

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