DAY 10 – Leaving Idyllwild

Here I am on day 10 at mile 181, still maintaining the 18 mile per day average. Last night I held up in Idyllwild to sit out a rainstorm, it rained 1.18 inches last night, I was glad not to be in it. So far the gear is working out in the body is holding together, time to press on.  All my prayers go out to my friends in Nepal.

20150425-pct-dean-day9-1 20150425-pct-dean-day9-2 20150425-pct-dean-day9-3 20150425-pct-dean-day9-4 20150425-pct-dean-day9-5

5 thoughts on “DAY 10 – Leaving Idyllwild”

  1. Great photo Dean! That’s a lot of rain, glad you were able to take some time to dry out. You sound great, and must be having an amazing time. Keep on truck’n…


  2. Hope the weather improves very soon. Eighteen miles a day in that soup looks rough. No Orchard news. Bruce and Paula return tomorrow. We’ve had lots of rain here too but my digs are so luxurious compared to what you are experiencing. Enjoy your adventure!

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