DAY 8 – Past Warner Springs – Mile 144

It’s Friday night and I’m at mile 144, eight days into it. That is exactly 18 miles a day which was my goal. The weather has taken a real turn for the worst, really cold and rainy. It is difficult to get movatated to get up in the morning, pack things up and walk in the rain. I thought this was supposed to be the desert!  I think I can make Idyllwild tomorrow night, it will be good to dry out and regroup. The guys I have spent the last several days with hitched back to the big kickoff gathering at lake Morino so I doubt I will see them for a long time. Till later, Ladies Man

5 thoughts on “DAY 8 – Past Warner Springs – Mile 144”

  1. Darn about the weather, was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Hopefully Idyllwild works out. So great spending time with you!

  2. Be strong hang in there and follow your dreams. Sorry for the rain but it is much needed in the dry areas

  3. I hear you, Dean. We’re down here in New Orleans with torrential downpours at the Jazz Fest. I’m not challenged a hundredth of what you are, and find it a challenge to slug through the mud.
    I’m guessing it will be times like these that are the most challenging. Just know they whatever way you go, you can make no mistakes. I’m imagining that if I were in your shoes, I’d subscribe to “be kind to me, and in that kindness I’ll find the strength to decide which way to turn”. Be well, my friend. I travel with you in my thoughts.
    Big (warm) hugs, Bruce

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