DAY 3 – Burnt Rancheria Campground – Mile 41

Day number three and I’m at burnt rancher Rea campground mile 41 1/2. Today I went from 2000 feet up to 6000 feet, so I dialed my mileage back to 13 miles a day to save the knees in the feet.

Food, for breakfast I eat seven spoonfuls of an oatmeal, grain mix that I made. For lunch I have two granola bars. Dinner has been  a mixture of couscous, mashed potato and some India seasoning.

Water:   Not as much of a problem as I feared before my departure. The first day was a bit of an issue, 20 miles and no water so I had to carry 8 leiters which weighed 16 pounds on their own, and since it was day one my Food weighed just over 10 pounds. I ran into people who did not manage their water so well and ended up giving a guy who could go no further and decided to camp 5 miles from the next water and was completely dry1 L of my water to get him through that night and the next morning.

I am doing well all the body parts seem to be holding together generally speaking. The day I started roughly 25 other people started around the same time. Of those probably five have already dropped out.

Until next time it’s still Dean I don’t have a trail name yet.



9 thoughts on “DAY 3 – Burnt Rancheria Campground – Mile 41”

  1. Starting to sound like a real hike! Have to say, the menu does not sound all that exciting… Maybe your name should be ‘Deep Springs’ ? Hope it warmed up for you? Great to read the posts Dean.

  2. I am guessing the universe will land on ‘Ranger’ as a trail name… best wishes, keep on moving, hope to see you soon(ish).


  3. You are always so considerate helping people! How about “Walla Walla” – Native American term for “Many Waters” 😉

  4. Glad the train has finally left the station (or maybe that the horse is out of the barn) and that you are working out all the kinks. Remember, no hurry. — BB

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