12 thoughts on “DAY 62 – Mile 1000 – Sierras with Tom (Video)”

  1. 1000 miles!!! Way to go Dean, and what a magnificent place to hit this milestone (no pun intended). To top it off you are with a good friend…how sweet it is.

  2. Into four figures now! Congratulations! Sounds like a beautiful and challenging trip! You’re looking lean and fit!

  3. wow – look at that – barely any snow – good timing – 40 years ago crossing thru that section of PCT in JULY, we post-holed for 3 days – looking’ good Dean – looks like you have some comfy padded shoes on for that part of trail … great to hear your voice – you sound good dude – kill it & grill it


  4. Good work Dean. Love the blue sky and gorgeous vista. But I really wanted to see a picture of Tom’s feet!

  5. Lookin’ good Dean! 1000 miles – unbelievable. Keep on trucking. You are almost half way. Thanks Tom for the video. It is great you could join Dean for this part of his trek. May the weather be in your favor.

  6. Keep on Trekkin Dean! You are looking great and I’m sure this continues to be quite a journey!! We love following you!

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