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  1. Thanks for the reply re Grand Canyon. Glad Long Tom is going to be with you for some miles. My best to him. He will take fewer strides than you! We got some of the weather you mention on the rivers. Hurricane Blanca was involved in some of it,. Good you got Whitney in and are back on your turf. Watch for falling trees. Hugs. Rod

  2. The half way point is a BIG deal; psychologically all downhill then. Will keep following you. Hugs. Rod

  3. Yikes, that heat! We’ve been getting mid 90s in Seattle; even hot in the San Juan Islands. Get high as soon as you can. Wonderful you are into triple numbers in terms of miles to go. Hugs. Rod

  4. Just back in the San Juan Islands after 3 weeks cruising north. Lots of whales, bears–some have seen wolves and cougars. Appreciated your honest post about the hard struggle and the daily grind. Nothing to be gained by pretending PCT is all giggles and that you don’t miss your other lives. But lots to say for persisting with your dream. Very proud of you. I wanted to ask if you are seeing any through hikers older than you; maybe my age (mid 70s). I bet not too many. We have a couple of 23 year old girls from Lopez Island who are about 100 miles behind you, maybe more…last post from Shelter Cove. They got a car ride around one fire. . One of them calculated in percentages the subjects she thinks about during all her walking hours. Rock on, amigo. Rod

  5. Labor Day weekend and you are laboring for sure. Too bad those fires will keep you out of some portions of the beautiful Cascades. I was hoping the rains we are getting to the NW of your position would help open the trail. Is the 19th still a realistic finishing day. Proud of you, buddy Rod

    1. Dr. Rod. Thanks for checking in. All is well with me and my planned finish date is now Sept 14th. Almost 5 months to the day since my start. I’ll give you a call when I finish.

  6. Got your reply Sept. 8. Damn what a snowy, wet mess! Hard to navigate in that shit too. I hope your Achilles holds up for you to make the final push. Been rainy and windy (60 knots) on the ocean . When I get the report that “snow level is dropping to 7,000 feet” I think of you. Right now San Juan conditions look very good for the next 5 days so I hope that extends to your neck of the woods. Rock on, amigo. Rod

    1. Dr. Rod
      Thanks for your good vib’s you sent the perfect weather at just the right time. Robin sent out my Hoka’s and the problem cleared enough to let me power through the final few hundred miles. It’s good to be “DONE”. I think some other famous guy said something just like that once.


  7. YAAHOO! Deano, you are amazing. Over here in the San Juan Islands I have been following the weather (which is deteriorating)and appreciate your comments about “it’s all steep” up there at the end. Look forward to planning some skiing this coming winter and some cruising whenever we can. I’m also going full bore for a Middlefork or Main permit in 2016. Love you, buddy. Rod

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