DAY 139 – Mile 2280 – Getting Close

It is an interesting paradox, walking across a feature called the bridge of the gods, with the sense that you’re walking into the gates of hell. It seems that all of northern Washington is on fire. The first fire closure of the PCT is just 80 miles north of the Oregon border. At this point we are forced to leave the trail and either hitchhike or road walk 50 miles to get around the mount Adams fire closure. Further north there is a massive complex of fires that requires you to go from Stevens Pass and take a ferry across Lake Chlan and finally into Stehekin. Not the way I wanted to finish this trail necessarily, but what we are forced to do because of an act of God. The fire in northern Washington is the largest in the states history. It feels good to be 100 miles into Washington knowing that only about 380 miles remain for me to finish this walk. Oregon and Washington have been stunningly beautiful and we’re finally getting a little rain to replenish water supplies and clean the air.
Onward to Canada.


400 left

Tunnel Falls


Mt Adams fire


19 thoughts on “DAY 139 – Mile 2280 – Getting Close”

  1. Way to go Dean! Sounds like a party is in order around mid-Sept. May get some rain that will help with the fires.
    My best to you. Kurt

  2. I’ve been flying this month to YVR, (Vancouver) for the weekends there and the fires in Washington state are unprecedented. From cruise altitude the ground can’t be seen at all and the smoke goes all the way to the Mississippi River. Hang in there!

  3. Awesome Dean! Claudia and I are enjoying your amazing photos and interesting reports as you keep moving northward. So beautiful the “green” shots in this series, and so sad the destructive power of these pent-up fires.

    Keep safe, and keep updating please!

  4. You’ve now made it further than Cheryl Strayed! (I saw the movie last week). Took her 94 days to get to the bridge, where she stopped.
    Sunrise and sunsets are orange in Boulder.

  5. It sounds like your burnt home in Sun Valley is following you. Too bad the forests don’t have the same insurance that you have. They could come back bigger and better too. Sorry you have to deal with fires on top of all the other challenges you have to face. You will have a unique take on the trail and its hardships.

  6. We’ve had a smokey haze in Boulder for a few weeks now. The weather seems to be changing a bit – hope it brings some relief to WA

    1. Joe. Thanks for staying in touch. You would love this, it’s right up your ally. I hope to see you in Boulder when I’m there next. One more week. ?

  7. Deano, what beautiful scenery, despite the surrounding fires. I love the tunnel! Hope the smoke from the fires isn’t too overwhelming. I look forward to your next post! Keep on keeping on!!!

    1. Hey Kimmie. Thanks for your comments. I wish you were around, I really need a haircut 🙂 I should be done in about a week and will be in Boulder sometime in the next month.? What are your plans?

  8. Looked for you as we crossed the PCT in the car at White Pass and Bridge of the Gods. Sorry we missed you. Take care.

    1. Dick and Beth, sorry to have missed you. I nearly call you for a little transportation help around the Snoqualmie area, but everything worked out and I’m now on my way to the final section. It has been great getting your comments and realizing your continued support. I’ll contact you when this is all done, hopefully next week

  9. way to go Dean! Just found your blog and enjoying reading about your journey. My feet hurt after one day climbing mt. Harvard, only 1/100 your distance. Good luck in WA. Keep on truckin’

    1. Tina, thanks for checking in. I have been loving this adventure by really miss my friends. Give my best to everyone, one more week to go. Hope to see you all soon.

  10. We get the smoke from Washington in both Glacier and Waterton Parks. I hiked Grinnell Glacier yesterday.

    Just hang-in! You are amazing!

    Garry Ursenbach

    1. Garry, your hiking and continued appreciation of nature serves to inspire me. I hope I can keep hiking as you do. Thanks for your support and comments.

    1. Scott, let the boys know that I have relied a great deal on what I learned as a scout about navigation and survival to get me through this experience. All they are learning now will be critical for their future. Thank you for your continued support and comments, it really means a lot.

  11. Hey Ladies Man,
    Nice to see you are doing so well. I bailed at Timberline Lodge, ran out of gas, but I’ve learned a lot so there may be a reprise in my future. Good for you for hanging in there, I enjoyed our brief time hiking together. I kept waiting for you to catch us!
    Papa Razi

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