DAY 57 – Mile 947 – Yosemite



 I finally made it to Yosemite! Really raining hard the last few days and getting some at night as well. I hiked over Donahue pass today, which I think is the last pass over 11,000 ft. The whole last section through the JMT was truly more beautiful than one can take in. Although it was really hard I will miss the intense beauty of the place. This next section, Yosemite to Tahoe is something I have wanted to do all of my life and my friend Tom Mulholand will join me for the next 150 miles. It will be great to have someone to hike with.  

8 thoughts on “DAY 57 – Mile 947 – Yosemite”

  1. Excellent! A big milestone for everyone, and especially for you. Plus some descent food and good support.

  2. knockin’ down the miles ! comin’ down JMT from SONORA PASS to YOSEMITE many many moons ago we had what we referred to as “the triple cheeseburger ” pace – hope you feasted a bit while passing thru Dean


  3. There is thunder and lightening in Springville right now! I hope you two enjoy better weather and the terrific commeaderie of sharing each other and what you both love!
    Enjoy you two – no need to compete this time!

  4. Good work Deano! You are inspiring me to do a section of the PCT. Can’t wait to see photos from the next 150. Have fun hiking with Tom!

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