Thanks for all the PCT Support!

The PCT is not a small undertaking and is difficult to do without the support of others; friends, family and often the generosity of complete strangers.  The assistance comes in the form of physical support but I can’t overstate the importance of mental/emotional support and in particular the encouragement that comes from those close to you.  If my wife and son hadn’t offered their full-throated statement of “we’re with you, all the way”, it would have been way more difficult if not impossible.

It is critical to be emotionally “clear” before you leave and unresolved issues will  grow in the quite solitude of the trail.  Anything emotionally tugging at you from off trail will feel like a Klingon tractor beam trying to drag you out of the moment and that is a huge waste of an amazing experience.  With that in mind I want to give Robin, my wife, a heart felt offer of gratitude that cannot be easily stated or measured.    Before you leave, have someone on standby to organize and make adjustments to your resupply boxes and send them when the time comes.  Robin was that support for me.

Other support came in the form of “trail angels” bringing “trail magic” all along the way.  One day, walking through the blazing hot desert in the middle of nowhere, a guy (“DNA”) appeared out of nowhere, as if a mirage, and said “hey dude, want a cold beer”?  This kind of magic happened again and again in the most incredible ways.  Among thru hikers there is a saying, “the trail will provide” and although you never take this for granted, it always did and generally when you most needed it.  This magic doesn’t just materialize out of thin air.  It comes from the amazing generosity and incredible selflessness of all the trail angles along the way.  Thank you!!!

And finally, I want to pass on a special thanks to all my sponsors:  I changed and replaced gear all along the way and in the most out of the way places.  Whether it was Sea to  Summit getting me warm weather gear in the middle of the desert or Osprey replacing a broken pack, sending the replacement out in just two days to Whites Pass Washington, they were all amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.  Thanks!

Adventures Within Reach –

Your ongoing financial and emotional support made this adventure possible.


Osprey provided a new backpack customized to my needs amazingly fast and included some great swag just when I needed it.

Sea to Summit –

Provided cutting-edge gear before it was even available to the public — and on the trail when I most needed it.

Ultimate Direction –

Thanks to Buzz Burrell for the invaluable expertise on gear and strategy.

World Panel –

Thanks for letting me test out your new products.

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