DAY 6 – Ladies Man – Mile 91.8

At mile 91.8 on the Pacific Crest Trail. 18.4 miles yesterday, 18.7 miles today and feeling great. This section is the longest dry section, 30 miles between natural water sources.  Tomorrow I hope to make Warner Springs, my first Mail package.  I have finally been bestowed trail name. My friend Jeanne Gemmel who has a home down here, hiked in with her hiking group to meet me on the trail. As they walked on everybody on the trail “have you seen Dean, we are looking for Dean”. The guys I had been hiking with met me at the next water stopped and said from this point on you will be known as ” ladies man”. The hike is been awesome the deserts in full bloom and the people on the trail amazing, great experience.




8 thoughts on “DAY 6 – Ladies Man – Mile 91.8”

  1. 30 miles til next services – sounds easy enuff in a car when you see that sign …

    kill it & grill it Dean !


  2. Dean, your are rugged inside and out, just like the terrain you are hiking. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us all. I look forward to your post!

    We are also getting rain and cold temps here in Boulder. Thinking about ya buddy and hope your clothes and spirit is staying high and dry!!!!

  3. Just catching up to these early posts as I have been cruising beyond the digital world in NW Washington. Very pleased with your trail name although as said my choice would have been “The Dream” as in Dean the Dream Memminger who was a blue chip basketball player some time ago. Also you are a guy who makes Dreams come true as you are doing right now. Rod Nash

  4. Met your uncle in the temple and he is very proud of you. I’m a hiker, which i was with you. We’re the same age, it would be fun to hit the trail with you. I’ve never done one any where near as long… Good luck…mark

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