DAY 5 – Meeting up with Jeanne Gemmell

Dean met up with his first friends on the trail.  Jeanne Gemmell is a friend from Sun Valley, who also lives in Borrego Springs.  Her hiking club made a special outing to meet the PCT guy!  They had to hike from the Pedro Fages Monument (near Lake Cuyamaca) over to the PCT and then hike south on the PCT to meet up with Dean who was hiking north from the Pioneer Mail Campground.  Great effort!

“We had fun meeting up with Jeanne’s friend Dean from Sun Valley on the Pacific Crest Trail.  We hiked through meadows of wildflowers, had panoramic mountain views, and visited with PCT hikers from Minnesota, Portland, San Francisco, etc.  and were surprised by another rattlesnake.  The weather was perfect once again.”

5 thoughts on “DAY 5 – Meeting up with Jeanne Gemmell”

  1. How fun to meet friends so early on the trail!! You look like you are having a ball and in great spirits. Keep on truck’n buddy 🙂

  2. Lookin’ good. Keep up the pace. Great to meet friends out in the middle of the desert! And watch out for those little rattlers. LOL

  3. Good luck on this fabulous adventure. I fully expect you to make it all the way. The parking lot at the Orchard sure looks bare!

  4. Our grandmother had a ranch out at Borrego Springs….so, I am very familiar with just how hot and dry it can be out near there.

    Glad you are taking care, and that some buddies came out to see you!

    Best, TN

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