DAY 105 – Mile 1627 — Heading to Oregon

Another hot day in Seiad Valley — 101 today, and they’re calling for 108 tomorrow! I think I’m hiking out of here tonight. Getting out of Seiad Valley means climbing 5000 vertical feet in this heat. The saving grace is I’m just passed mile 1627 which means almost exactly 1000 miles left to go, well 999. I should hit the Oregon border in three days, can’t wait! I understand that the terrain is much more forgiving.

The Seiad café pancake challenge. If you can eat all 5 pounds you don’t have to pay for it


deep in the Trinity Alps.


The mountains here really to go on forever.


this is my most common view, all day, every day.


The tricky River Crossing, you don’t want to lose your balance.


6 thoughts on “DAY 105 – Mile 1627 — Heading to Oregon”

  1. I have always wanted to hike in the Trinity Alps, looks beautiful. Love the river crossing! No thanks on the pancakes… Are you using the same pack, and what shoes are you hiking in now? Did you like the Hokas? I did pick up a pair and they are great for my aching feet 🙂

  2. wow – the TRINITY ALPS – thanx for the pics Dean ! all i can remember about a trek thru there 45 yrs ago is the last nite of camp , trading my ski boots for my brothers last 2 pieces of beef jerky so i could have something with a cup of soup for last supper … lean times but the best of them – good to see you when you passed thru – keep slayin’ it …


  3. Hey Dean! Great job on the little walk you’re doing there! Hey I know you are almost always out on trail, but if you get in and go to a place with internet, check out my friend’s tent. I’m helping with some of the development. It’s made for being super light and it’s efficient… what do you think? … of course when you get time. see
    cheers bro! tom

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