DAY 39 – Mile 651

At Walker Pass after a difficult but beautiful desert section. I’m excited to be almost done with the desert, it’s only 50 short miles to Kennedy Meadows and the beginning of the Sierra. This last section was hot, dry and a lot of up and down on trails made virtually of sand. There was one section that was 43 miles with only one water source. When I arrived at the “spring” it was a little more than a puddle and as I was getting water to filter I noticed a dead rat that had drowned in the spring and someone pulled out. I was down to one litter with 34 miles to the next water so I got to drink dirty, dead rat water for the next two days. I am so looking forward to The Sierras where I won’t have to be carting more than 10 pounds of water every day.             

13 thoughts on “DAY 39 – Mile 651”

  1. What an adventure! We hope the water challenges are behind you. We are also impressed by the beauty of the desert as shown in your photography. Thank you for including us in your update messages.

  2. Yuck, dirty rat water? Calistoga Springs is probably sounding pretty good right now. You will be ripped by the time you hit Bellingham and have a great memory for your silver box!

  3. You’re looking good! Making good time. About 25% of the way there. The Sierras will be nice to you. Might hit a bit of rain/snow but nothing to worry about. No more rat-water! RE: your socks – do you do a “laundry at your resupply points or pick up clean socks? Love your pictures. Keep on truckin’! We keep you in our prayers.

  4. Yay rat water! I guess you’ve got the water filtration thing worked out… Be careful of rats, they’ll get ya!!

    All the photos are really fantastic, keep it up, we like the variety very much. Keep in Truckin’!

  5. Almost there, at least to the start of Sierra section ๐Ÿ™‚ The desert photos have been great, thanks! Looking good Dean, are you happy with your Hoka shoes?

  6. Dean, I’m enjoying reading about your journey. What a grand trip it is! I would be interested in hearing what changes/adjustments you make to your kit as conditions and terrain change. I would think that the gear for the Sierras this time of year must be a step up from what you’ve been carrying for the desert. Will it differ?

    Best of luck,

  7. Lovin’ the posts & photos Dean! Keep on truckin. The Sierra awaits – wonderful stuff!

  8. Deano, just was watching “the movie” tonight with Leigh. Sure helps us get some feel for the grind you’re going through. Best of luck on your journey. We just returned from Leigh’s daughter’s big wedding in Missouri with a nice bottle of moonshine ! I’ll save it for when you get back to Boulder for a visit. So now you’ll have two things to look forward to at the end of the trail….

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