DAY 28 – Mile 479 

  Rocking it down the trail from Ague Dulce to Casa Luna after an awesome night of treats and good company of old friends. My friends, Tom Mulholand, Dr. John and Pierre flew in yesterday to treat me to steak, foot care and a hotel. Awesome!  They dropped me at the trailhead refreshed and ready to go. Thanks guys. M

7 thoughts on “DAY 28 – Mile 479 ”

  1. Love your posts! Good progress!! Happy to hear that your buddies treated you to a good dinner! Using a tuna can to cook dinner with Misery isn’t really your style.

  2. Loving watching you trek from my home! Know you will make it all the way! I am one of the the Ladies women

  3. Wow Dean. Great pic of you…The pioneer, so happy and Alive. !
    Am really enjoying yr posts. Merriweather
    Lewis must be smilin’ down on u too.
    Also, yr renters are great.
    Fitting in beautifully.

  4. Like the look Dean, and the camp in the woods. Glad you were able to hook up with your friends and get a good rest, care and food!! Always looking forward to your posts.

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