10 thoughts on “Final Packing”

  1. Looks like you are ready to hit the trail. All the best to you. May the wind be at your back and the trails gentle.

  2. Make sure you start out with no holes in your socks! Looking very happy and excited Dean, may the trail welcome you with comforting arms, sweet air and swift feet. Next photo at Campo trail head?

  3. Dean, Vaya con dios amigo! Gnarly undertaking, that will surely go into your silver box of saved memories upon completion. I have only been on small sections of the PCT, between Idyllwild and San Jacinto, absolutely spectacular, enjoy!

  4. Hey Dean-O! Good luck, so I’ll put up many ridiculous and stupid questions just to keep you going. I’m guessing you’ll have a chance to reply, at long breaks once in a while.
    So you got toilet paper or will you go with leaves?
    If you see a bear and he’s pooping in the woods, take a picture so that we know that one for sure… YES he does!
    The song that’s stuck in your head at the start of the US-Mexico border… how long will that stay stuck in your head?
    Tore stupid ridiculous questions to follow!

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